\"I\'ve had it!\" - 4709480
Lawyer\'s Dog - 1943242
Flashman - 1109316
Add Like Mad - 449312
Paxman - 380838
Stuffed Animals Get Busy - 325057
Very Bad NASCAR Crash - 233128
Beaver Dive - 128429
LineFlyer - 98120
Dirt Bike - 47196
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Car Vandalism || Played 3072 times
Three-Point Shoorout || Played 3073 times
Press space-bar as close to the center as possible to score
Shoot Out || Played 3073 times
Protect the town as Sheriff by defeating the challengers
Toaster || Played 3075 times
Catch the toast with your plate as much as possible.
The Sheep Race || Played 3075 times
Sheep racing, timed the jump with perfect timing for maximum speed
Beetle Buggin || Played 3075 times
Drive your Volkswagen beetle car around the course to collect items and don't do damage.
Wasted Sky || Played 3076 times
There are total of 6 ships to choose from and multiple neat power-ups in this game
Table Tennis || Played 3077 times
This is a sport game on table tennis
Stan Skates || Played 3077 times
Skate through the busy street with Stan
Trech || Played 3077 times
Kill all enemy soldiers and make sure the mission is successful
Wacky Word Search || Played 3077 times
This is a word search puzzle
Bell Boys || Played 3077 times
Help the bell boy to deliver their orders to the right floor by controling the elevators
Gone In 60 Seconds || Played 3077 times
As Randall "Memphis" Raines, you must steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash.
Pang 2001 || Played 3077 times
Split the ball into 2 using multiple shooting device
X-Traning || Played 3077 times
Avoid the bullet as long as possible
Da Numba || Played 3077 times
Find the number which add up to the given Da Numba as quick as you can.
Adrenaline Challenge || Played 3077 times
Crazy adventure game!
Space || Played 3078 times
Destroy other ship, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even more fuel.
Major Slant || Played 3078 times
tilt the board and guide your ball to the exit point
Boogles || Played 3078 times
This game required extermely quick reflex to play.
Bean Hunter || Played 3078 times
Shoot the Beans as soon as they appear on screen
S.W.A.T || Played 3078 times
Shoot the zombie clown - be careful, they can continue to shoot even if you have blown off their head
Virus || Played 3078 times
Remove the virus from the circuit board before it is too late!
Ski Run || Played 3078 times
Ski between the flags
Airborne || Played 3078 times
Shoot down the enemies using the heli
Zelda: C.O.W.A || Played 3078 times
Use Link's attacks to defeat the green soldiers
Sparks || Played 3078 times
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center
Bush Royal Rampage || Played 3078 times
Run through dangerous streets avoiding terrorists - counter attacking them with your assault rifle.
Fly Plane || Played 3079 times
Fly your plane while collecting the red dots in this action game
Mario Rampage || Played 3079 times
Help Mario to shoot at the enemies before they get to Mario
Memory 3D || Played 3079 times
Memory game with 3D images
Gunfire || Played 3079 times
It is AA-Gun versus the Helicopter
Shino Beat || Played 3079 times
Slash on enemies that blocked your way to their boss!
Hop-A-Lot Hobbit || Played 3079 times
Playing as Frodo, you must travel to Mordor to destroy the Ring!
Mega Puzzle || Played 3080 times
Beware - this is a really huge jigsaw puzzle! Don??t do it if you have appointment later today.
Chain Reaction || Played 3080 times
This is more like a simulation than a game. The objective is to create as many chain reactions as possible.
Mini Pool || Played 3080 times
A great pool game done in Flash for PC
Rural Racer || Played 3080 times
Exciting car races in a small town
Crazy Boxes || Played 3080 times
Extremely tough puzzle game
Billiards || Played 3080 times
This is a Flash Billaird game
Sports Smash || Played 3080 times
The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Gold Miner || Played 3080 times
Use your claw to reel in as much treasure as possible. Treasure includes gold, diamond and many more. You can also buy useful items to make the level easier
Pikachu Must Die || Played 3080 times
Shoot and Kill all Pikachu
Shooting Targets || Played 3080 times
This is a first person shooter games. Shoot everything accept the teddy bear. You will lose 25 for shooting each teddy bear.
Crazy Shuttle || Played 3080 times
Drive a shuttle in the busy street - avoid the pedestrians!
Thirty Second Monkey Hunt || Played 3080 times
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds
Mindwarp || Played 3080 times
Mindwarp is a simple game of memory - just follow the sequence.
Slim Boy || Played 3080 times
Basketball shooting game
Counterstrike || Played 3080 times
1st Person shooter using graphic from the Counter Strike games
Sky Attack || Played 3080 times
Cute japanese anime style shooter. Control little angel to attack the Green Dragon's minions
Knight Rider || Played 3080 times
Join Knight Rider in pursuit of suspect
Blobz || Played 3080 times
play against the PC or friend to try to explode your cute little blobz before your opponent did
Play with your Knife || Played 3080 times
Play with your knife and don't cut yoursefl
Fishing || Played 3080 times
Keep fishing and don't get caught in lightning
Letters Game || Played 3080 times
Use your typing skill to protect the city!
maus Force Attack || Played 3080 times
An aircraft shooting game with nice graphic and sound!
Sonic Trip || Played 3080 times
A platform game wusing character from the Sonic series
Police Sniper 2 || Played 3080 times
Shoot down enemies with your sniper gun
Bat and Mouse || Played 3080 times
Move the mouse to get the cheese and not splattered by the bat.
Space Explorer || Played 3081 times
Control and guide your ship to landing pads. You have limited fuel and you have to land smoothly to avoid crashing
Surf's Up || Played 3081 times
A surfing game produce by miniclip.com
Slacckers || Played 3081 times
Don't play this at work because in this game you do everything except work!
Superbike GP || Played 3081 times
This is a 3D bike racing game
Monster Munch || Played 3081 times
Catch and eact all the falling snow-flakes
Batman || Played 3081 times
Save batwoman from the villains.
Video Poker || Played 3081 times
Video poker game in Flash
Police Bike || Played 3081 times
Ride on the Police Bike and catch the street gangsters
The Stupid Cupid Training School || Played 3081 times
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
Pedestrian Killer || Played 3081 times
Hit as many pedestrians as possible
Cat-a-Pult || Played 3081 times
Use your catapult to shoot at cute little cats - extreme violent!
Pitfall Y2K || Played 3081 times
Control the alien that is falling into a pit - make sure the alien don??t hit the wall
Mosquito Blaster || Played 3081 times
Use the spray and don??t get bited by the mosquito
Dancing Queen || Played 3081 times
Dance to the beat
Skeet Shooting || Played 3081 times
Skeet Shooting. It get harder as you advanced into the subsequent level
Hacker || Played 3081 times
Steal all the diskette without detection by the guard
Beaver Brother || Played 3081 times
Help the Beaver Brother to colect all the bricks that scattered in all the floors
Super Mario Time Attack Remix || Played 3081 times
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to free her from the kipnapper.
Raiden X || Played 3081 times
Clone of the classic fighter plane game Raiden X
Free Run || Played 3081 times
React to key prompt and don't stop running. The faster your time the higher your score
Fisher || Played 3081 times
Test your fishing skill with this Flash game
Samurai || Played 3081 times
Play a young Samurai in this game to avenge the death of your master
Slidermania || Played 3081 times
Slide the box to appropriate location
Blob Twist || Played 3081 times
Gather the blobs into squares and start chain reactions!
Everest: Looking Into The Face Of God || Played 3081 times
The final transmissions left behind by two adventurers who survived most of the journey that ensues in the climbing of Mount Everest. The two men face many conflicts, such as storms, hunger, frost bite, and inadequate equipment. Starring: John Yates
Puzzled 1 || Played 3082 times
Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure
Forest Challenge 2 || Played 3082 times
Play mini golf on your desktop; This version has a setting in a forest
Little Shepherd || Played 3082 times
As shepherd, you duty is obvious: guide the mindless sheeps safely back into fence.
Maxim's Day Out || Played 3082 times
Catch all the frisbees as Maxim
Space Bugs || Played 3082 times
Don??t let the space bug come any closer - kill them with all you got!
Shootin' Hoops || Played 3082 times
Flash basketball games with good graphic
Hungry Bob || Played 3082 times
Make Bob jump only on the food he like
Squeaky || Played 3082 times
Collect all the oil bottle
Slider Mania || Played 3082 times
A sliding puzzle game
Cubic Rubic || Played 3082 times
This is an online Rubic Cube done in Flash
Super Mario Revived || Played 3082 times
Collect coins and avoiding hits from the monster character in this Mario game
Kyrpto the Superdog || Played 3082 times
Help Kyrpto the Super Dog move through the various maps
CyberSWAT || Played 3082 times
Play as SWAT you have to kill the terrorists
Jenga || Played 3082 times
Play Jenga on PC with your mouse - steady hand required
Sail Voyage || Played 3082 times
Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through as many level as you can manage.
Kumite || Played 3082 times
1-Player fighting game

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